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Dear visitors,


welcome to our shop with original hand made ceramic. If you want to make delight to yourself, to your friends or to someone else, here you can choose various ceramic products made for practical use even for decoration.


Wherewith is our ceramic rare?

The ceramic is not mass produced, our ceramic is pure hand work of art. In all of our assortment you can't find two same peaces. Every piece, every part of an item is created manually, without forms, strictly on the basis of pure fantasy and art and every piece is an original. Manufacturing method warrants that the ceramic is fully functional and is created in accordance with strict rules for ceramic designated for given purposes. It's concerned for example in design, item size (tea mugs f.e.), where is very important the tea must keep its quality, the sifter must work correctly, the cover must be protected against fall out and further very useful details, which makes our products required and exclusive.

Ceramic by request

With us you can make required ceramic in accordance with your idea. As the inspiration you can use our catalogue. Wedding gift, birthday, for your delight. It only depends on your fantasy.

Our offer contains decorative ceramic, interior and exterior ceramic, ceramic for practical use. Our ceramic goods become an entire part of many homes and enjoyed a lot of hearts. If you want to delight someone by an exclusive and original gift or to snug your home, ...


... get in and be inspired.